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Back To Art and Creativity: A Journey

In 2006 I took a creativity workshop at my local recreation centre. I did not want to take this class but did so because I had a credit at the centre that was about to expire. It was either take a course before year end or lose the money. I signed up for the course simply because it fit my schedule. I came to the first session with a bad attitude. I was annoyed since I really didn’t want to be there and wished the centre policy allowed for a cash refund. I am ashamed to say I took my…

Music for Art Creation (& Other Art-Related Activities)

Being an artist can be a lonely career. I am often alone during art creation and doing other things like marketing, application writing, admin, accounting, etc. Having music playing in the background is one of the ways I like to keep myself motivated, inspired or better prepared to take on aspects of my business that I find tedious and boring. But I also use music to further the enjoyment I get from the tasks that I do look forward to doing.

I am also an art instructor and I have been asked by students on numerous occasions what type of…

Break Time

They say that when one has a desk job, it’s healthy to take a break each hour to get up from our seats, stretch, and rest our eyes by looking at something far away. Experts recommend that you do not work through lunch hour but instead enjoy your meal at the cafeteria or perhaps even take a walk (or a power nap). Incidentally, I do work at my table/desk to create art as well as use the same space for my accounting and admin stuff for my little studio. When I get going doing a task, especially if I am…

Mix It Up! The Value In Learning About Colour Mixing

I love colour. I get great joy out of playing with my acrylic paints, mixing them up and creating all sorts of different hues, tints and shades to use in my paintings. But when I first started, I did not know what brand, colour or kind of paints to buy. I am a self-taught visual artist and even if I did take a painting class here and there when I was first learning, when it came to choosing the colours for my own projects I was often lost and confused. I was told that mixing primary colours (red, blue and…

Go With The Flow — My Love Affair With Alcohol Inks

Let me start this post with a warning: If you have never used of Alcohol Inks in art and are interested in trying them out, think carefully before you start. They can be very addicting. This is an art material that is very welcoming to beginners as it is possible to create something beautiful easily and almost right away. And once you begin, you may not be able to stop!

Still interested? OK, that means you’ve chosen to go down the rabbit hole so here we go….

First of all, what are Alcohol Inks?

Alcohol Inks are a dye-based liquid…

5 Ways Meditation Can Help With Your Art Practice

I started cultivating a meditation habit many years ago. I have always found it difficult to do regularly and I’ve started and stopped many times. But since Covid-19 hit, I realized that it is something that has not only kept me in a fairly good emotional state, but has also helped me continue to make art and enjoy creating. Because of this, I now often make the effort to meditate, I integrate meditation into my art practice (and even into one of the art classes I teach), and consider it part of my process.

Below are the ways I found…

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Art Instructor

Do you remember the first time you picked up a pencil or crayon and made your first few marks? I don’t. I was very young and so I don’t recall the exact moment. But I do recall my first few tries at creation. I was clumsy, my work was kind of crazy, but I loved it! I thought it was the best thing ever and I couldn’t wait to show it off. I enjoyed making art regularly, so I improved, honed my talent and became quite good. Then life threw me curve ball and I gave up painting and art…

Write Slow, Draw Fast

Most of us know that keeping a journal can be greatly beneficial to our mental health. I have kept a journal off and on for my entire adult life. It has been wonderful habit to have and has helped me through hardships, especially way back when I was a young adult. Journalling was a tool I often used to get to know myself more and figure out what I wanted for myself and my future. During times of confusion and turmoil, I’d whip out my journal and would take much time and care to write down any unpleasant incidents that…

Home Cooked Meals, Secondhand Clothes & Soap

“The unexamined life is not worth living” ~ Socrates

For one whole year I did not eat anything I did not cook or prepare myself, or that someone else did not cook at home for me. For another whole year I did not buy any new clothes (except shoes and undies). Instead, I used what I already had, or made all my wearables myself, or bought secondhand and adjusted these items to suit me. And for yet another whole year, I made my own soap and body care products. …

MTM Hobbes

Visual Artist and Art Instructor

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