Know Your Creative ‘Why’

Many of us are starting the new year with resolutions. It makes me happy that a few of us are making creativity a priority by starting a project or some sort of creative practice in our lives.

As someone who teaches art and creativity courses, I encourage and guide my…

Art Everywhere

I believe that when it comes to art, all your creation efforts are worthwhile. When you play with paint, mix colours, draw shapes and forms, practice mark-making, the time you spend doing is all valuable. You are learning new skills, developing artistry and stretching your creative muscles. Process is important…

No Art Wasted!

I am an art instructor. In my workshops, aside from instructing students on art techniques, I teach them how to leave a smaller environmental footprint during an art session without sacrificing their enjoyment and the artistic process. I emphasize this in class because, unfortunately, art making can sometimes have quite…

Resin In Art — A Quick Overview

Being a mixed media artist, I work with all types of materials from different papers to sticky glues and clays, smelly chemical solutions, digital and printed photos, organic elements like pressed botanicals, dry and chalky pencils and pastels to very wet, fluid inks and paints. …

MTM Hobbes

Visual Artist and Art Instructor

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